Electric Motor Boats Are The Way To Go

We live in a wonderful time when people are conscientious of the impact their choices and actions have on the world around them. They understand that this world is not for them to do with what they will . We are constantly seeing the consequences of our wasteful and unclean way of living over many years, and people are ready to make the changes necessary to reverse this cycle.

Among the many things people are changing, finding clean modes of transportation is high on the list of priorities. This is true for automobiles, with smart cars, hybrids and cars that use alternative types of fuel, and even very new models that run on hydrogen, which release only water as waste! Cars aren’t the only vehicles that can be powered smartly, though.

Electric motor boats are becoming increasingly popular, from the time, a few decades ago, when people started thinking more about the environment, to our day, when many people wouldn’t think of purchasing a gas guzzling boat!

The benefits of an electric motor boat do not end at their effects (or lack of effects) on the environment! Boats run electrically are significantly more quiet than their fuel wasting counterparts. They run almost silently, and make for a much more peaceful and calm experience on the water. No need to kill the motor to give your buzzing ears a break!

Beyond the silence of the motor, powering costs can be significantly reduced from those of gas powered engines. With the constantly high and often increasing price of fuel, it is a relief to hit the water and not have to think twice about how much it will cost you to ride that day, or cut the engine often in order to conserve fuel, while trying to enjoy a day of water skiing.

Another benefit is that there is no need for the annual tune-ups that are necessary with gas powered engines. By using a green energy source you eliminate the need to have your motor checked for emissions.

One last benefit, and possibly one of the best, of using electric motor boats is that, because the engine is so quiet, it is possible to get very close to some of nature’s most beautiful creations, without scaring them away with the roar of your engine!

In choosing an electric motor boat, there are many options. You may use a mains charger, solar panels, towed generators, wind turbines or any combination of the above. There are safety and maintenance considerations for each of these options that should be looked into before making a choice.

One thing is for certain, though: Electric motor boats can be as powerful and fun as traditional speedboats, with the enormous advantages of quiet, cost efficient, clean, energy powering your boat. You can have twice the fun with none of the pollution, and in many cases, such as solar power, you have an unlimited supply of “fuel” and can spend all the time you like exploring!


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